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Health and safety leadership: do our managers and directors know enough to be responsible?
This health and safety briefing is based on research into health and safety leadership, and in it, Peter Hall discusses whether managers and directors know enough to be responsible. Peter del...
5 Feb 2013 4:10PM

The changing dynamics of the workplace: The impact of each of the different generations
The make-up of today’s modern workforce is undergoing significant change as organisations face the challenge of accommodating the different needs and aspirations of four different generations...
16 Nov 2012 10:39AM


'Mais, non!' French frustration at 'after hours' work emails translates into union agreement - How has it come about and could it work here?
The topic of working time and whether UK employees work too many hours has been widespread for many years, but given the stance that fellow European countries have taken in recent weeks, it has onc...
30 Apr 2014 2:09PM

LinkedIn: Protecting confidential information
Social media is becoming an increasingly common business tool as it is easy to use, free and effective. LinkedIn has seen exponential growth over recent years, with it now boasting over 259 million...
21 Feb 2014 10:05AM

WPL TV films

Managing sickness absence in the workplace
Employers have many challenges when dealing with employees on long-term or short-term sick leave, and in this short video, Suzanne McMinn, Head of HR at Workplace Law, discusses what businesses nee...
10 Feb 2014 11:56AM

Relationships - realising our value
One of the main themes of Think FM 2013 was Relationships - realising the value of FM - and in this short film we speak to some of the speakers from the day about the value FM can bring to an organ...
30 Jul 2013 8:47AM

Blog Posts

Ten top tips to ensure the safety of employees during the summer months
School holidays are just around the corner, and the hot weather has everyone talking. The traditional summer silly season is upon us, but while we remain in the workplace, the hot weather does rais...
22 Jul 2014 9:40AM

Don’t let World Cup fever damage your business
After an enthralling first weekend, World Cup fever is sky high. However, many employers will be dreading the following four weeks knowing that they are likely to see an increase in unauthorised ab...
16 Jun 2014 11:54AM

How many of your employees now work from home?
To mark National Work from Home Day, which took place on Friday 16 May, new findings were published, revealing that the number of people who say they usually work from home has increased by 62,0...
20 May 2014 11:10AM