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PF2: Plus ça change ...a new approach to public private partnerships? A consideration of HM Treasury’s “Standardisation of PF2 Guidance”
The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) has always been subject to criticism, but is now something of a pariah. Once New Labour’s preferred procurement technique for capital infrastructure, PFI ...
26 Apr 2013 2:27PM

Health and safety leadership: do our managers and directors know enough to be responsible?
This health and safety briefing is based on research into health and safety leadership, and in it, Peter Hall discusses whether managers and directors know enough to be responsible. Peter del...
5 Feb 2013 4:10PM


Using new technology in new ways to reduce corporate risk
A reality of business today is that companies face more litigation and a stricter regulatory environment. Litigation thrives in tough economic times and bribery and corruption, fraud and anti-compe...
19 Nov 2013 8:53AM

The changing face of data theft
In the UK, data theft has rapidly become a real and present danger in a computer-driven and networked corporate world. The Cabinet Office estimates that UK businesses lose £9.2bn annually due...
21 Oct 2013 4:08PM

WPL TV films

A place to provoke smiles: Alan Bainbridge discusses the impact of great FM
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), together with Workplace Law, have today launched a series of case studies about the FM industry, with the aim of demonstrating to people outside...
3 Apr 2014 12:31PM

Why innovation...?
At Workplace Futures 2014, presenters and delegates challenged the concept of innovation, and spoke of what it meant to them. Whether incremental improvements, or radical change, innovation is a tr...
19 Feb 2014 1:46PM

Blog Posts

Is BIM starting to give users a competitive advantage?
According to new research, 70% of construction professionals using BIM believe it has given them a competitive advantage. The fourth annual National Building Specification (NBS) BIM Survey also r...
22 Apr 2014 1:53PM

Office temperature costing UK economy up to £13bn a year
According to a survey released last week, approximately 2% of office hours are wasted due to the temperature being inadequate, potentially costing the UK economy more than £13bn annually. T...
1 Apr 2014 11:18AM

Delays in bringing the Government’s new FM Contracting Model to the table
The Crown Commercial Service (“CCS”) has now officially taken the reins on delivering the procurement process for the Government’s new FM Contracting Model and it seems there are ...
14 Mar 2014 3:24PM