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Business continuity and regulation

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Recruitment Agencies: How well do they screen our staff (re-visited)?
Workplace Law magazine published a survey of staff recruitment agencies in 2010, which revealed a worrying lack of compliance, understanding of legal requirements and adequate screening of agency s...
16 Jul 2013 12:28PM

PF2: Plus ça change ...a new approach to public private partnerships? A consideration of HM Treasury’s “Standardisation of PF2 Guidance”
The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) has always been subject to criticism, but is now something of a pariah. Once New Labour’s preferred procurement technique for capital infrastructure, PFI ...
26 Apr 2013 2:27PM


LinkedIn: Protecting confidential information
Social media is becoming an increasingly common business tool as it is easy to use, free and effective. LinkedIn has seen exponential growth over recent years, with it now boasting over 259 million...
21 Feb 2014 10:05AM

Ten top tips for zero hours contracts
Zero hours contracts have been in the news stirring up a controversy in recent months due to misuse by some rogue employers. In this Feature, Sandra Beale lists ten top tips employers should consid...
27 Jan 2014 3:39PM

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Why innovation...?
At Workplace Futures 2014, presenters and delegates challenged the concept of innovation, and spoke of what it meant to them. Whether incremental improvements, or radical change, innovation is a tr...
19 Feb 2014 1:46PM

Managing sickness absence in the workplace
Employers have many challenges when dealing with employees on long-term or short-term sick leave, and in this short video, Suzanne McMinn, Head of HR at Workplace Law, discusses what businesses nee...
10 Feb 2014 11:56AM

Blog Posts

Five common mistakes HR managers make when keeping employee data secure
Storing and accessing employee data is essential to the smooth running of a HR department; however sensitive information is sometimes treated recklessly. The line between keeping this data safe and...
15 Apr 2014 9:31AM

Key changes to employment legislation now in force
In April and October each year, the Government brings into force legislation on what is known as a Common Commencement Date. As of 6 April 2014, employers need to be aware of a whole host of import...
8 Apr 2014 9:54AM

Office temperature costing UK economy up to £13bn a year
According to a survey released last week, approximately 2% of office hours are wasted due to the temperature being inadequate, potentially costing the UK economy more than £13bn annually. T...
1 Apr 2014 11:18AM