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Foreign staff facing disciplinary action if they speak in their own languageLee Calver121 Feb 2014 9:14AM
Workplace Law relaunch learning styles testNigel Dupree119 Feb 2014 9:41PM
Will there be a surge in the number of people being killed and injured at work as the economy begins to recover?Lee Calver118 Feb 2014 12:19PM
Sick pay change a threat to small companiesLee Calver118 Feb 2014 12:10PM
How is your business surviving after the floods?Lee Calver117 Feb 2014 10:54AM
Banning food from the workplaceLee Eslamifar113 Feb 2014 12:44PM
Sanitary Bins - againHeather Foster212 Feb 2014 10:57AM
Mobile Phones at WorkSean Turner411 Feb 2014 5:59PM
Snow and ice clearancePhilip J411 Feb 2014 1:32PM
National Sickie DayLee Calver130 Jan 2014 4:15PM
Parking at work: the issuesMark Shuttleworth430 Jan 2014 1:19PM
Working from home or a pay rise?Janine Sansom329 Jan 2014 3:09PM
On Call / StandbyRuth Nicholas128 Jan 2014 4:35PM
Health and Safety Risk RegisterLee Calver428 Jan 2014 2:33PM
What are your tips for using zero hours contracts?Lee Calver127 Jan 2014 4:27PM
Is flexible working beneficial for employers?Nigel Dupree422 Jan 2014 4:06PM
Unscrupulous employers facing tougher health and safety penaltiesNigel Dupree322 Jan 2014 12:23PM
GPS Vehicle Tracking SystemGary N322 Jan 2014 12:08PM
Does all website blocking have to be equal?Heidi Thompson322 Jan 2014 9:51AM
Should grandparents be granted unpaid leave for childcare?Marilyn Tomlinson516 Jan 2014 1:14PM
Social media use during emergencies: What's your approach? Lee Calver116 Jan 2014 12:02PM
When will you retire?Nigel Dupree615 Jan 2014 11:17PM
New guidelines on management of sickness absenceSue Smith315 Jan 2014 5:17PM
Fee for Intervention (FFI)Lee Calver114 Jan 2014 9:31AM
Standards of Car ParkingTony Saberton110 Jan 2014 10:17AM

Workplace Law Blog

Major changes to Employment Tribunals


17 Apr 2014 3:28PM

As is common, April brings changes in Employment law which every employer needs to be aware of. In particular, there are key changes to the Employment Tribunal procedure, which have the potentia...

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New campaign calls on employers and workers to tackle work-related stress together


15 Apr 2014 1:43PM

Lee Calver Last week, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) launched a two year Europe-wide campaign: ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress’. Stating that the prevalence of work-relat...

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Five common mistakes HR managers make when keeping employee data secure


15 Apr 2014 9:31AM

Mike Williams Storing and accessing employee data is essential to the smooth running of a HR department; however sensitive information is sometimes treated recklessly. The line between keeping this data safe and...

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