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Topic of the week: Holiday pay ruling could cripple British businesses

Employers are trying to cherry pick. They wholeheartedly welcome the free movement of labour and the benefits that it brings in terms of suppressing pay and conditions due to an abundance of cheap labour. When it comes to paying a balanced holiday rate which takes into account additions that enhances an employees rate of pay through most of the year. Employers start crying. You can not cherry pick

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Ten top tips to ensure the safety of employees during the summer months

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22 Jul 2014 9:40AM

Kelly Mansfield School holidays are just around the corner, and the hot weather has everyone talking. The traditional summer silly season is upon us, but while we remain in the workplace, the hot weather does rais...

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Holiday pay ruling could cripple British businesses


15 Jul 2014 10:15AM

Lee Calver A recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on holiday pay has led to business groups calling for the Government to urgently intervene as fears escalate that firms could be hit with costs of bi...

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Consultation opens on guidance to help reduce fire risk at waste management sites


8 Jul 2014 2:08PM

Lee Calver A cross-industry group has developed draft guidance in an attempt to help reduce the risk of fires at waste management sites, and is now seeking feedback from the industry. The comprehensive 89-pa...

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