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Asbestos Survey/Register Review?Simon Toseland29 Apr 2014 11:13AM
New employment legislation - are you complying?Lee Calver18 Apr 2014 4:04PM
RedundancyYvonne Palmer14 Apr 2014 7:27PM
Is your office too hot or too cold?Lee Calver127 Mar 2014 10:52AM
access to kitchenGlenn Proffitt426 Mar 2014 12:19PM
How to make your employees happyLee Calver120 Mar 2014 10:29AM
Lunch breaksAndrew McPherson219 Mar 2014 1:38PM
Workplace Law relaunch learning styles testNigel Dupree119 Feb 2014 9:41PM
On Call / StandbyRuth Nicholas128 Jan 2014 4:35PM
Does all website blocking have to be equal?Heidi Thompson322 Jan 2014 9:51AM
Should grandparents be granted unpaid leave for childcare?Marilyn Tomlinson516 Jan 2014 1:14PM
New guidelines on management of sickness absenceSue Smith315 Jan 2014 5:17PM
Tribunal rejects transsexual PC’s discrimination caseSUSAN TAYLOR220 Dec 2013 7:27PM
Timing of inspectionsNigel Dupree518 Dec 2013 9:07PM
2% of UK workforce call in sick each weekNigel Dupree511 Dec 2013 10:43PM
Removing disability discrimination at recruitmentNigel Dupree16 Dec 2013 10:45AM
Should employees be entitled to paid bereavement leave?Lora Andrew184 Dec 2013 1:51PM
Older workers claiming discrimination due to their ageSUSAN TAYLOR14 Dec 2013 1:18PM
Maternity & Gender ImbalanceNigel Dupree229 Nov 2013 10:21AM
SME bosses reveal struggles to manage sickness absenceNigel Dupree827 Nov 2013 11:37PM
rest breaksNigel Dupree422 Nov 2013 3:37PM
Is social media being used to find and reject candidates?Rob Hitchcock122 Nov 2013 9:06AM
A fifth of employees take time off work due to stressNigel Dupree219 Nov 2013 10:44PM
Are your healthcare benefits 'unsustainable'?Nigel Dupree119 Nov 2013 10:16PM
McCririck loses age discrimination case against Channel 4SUSAN TAYLOR516 Nov 2013 9:34AM

Workplace Law Blog

New campaign calls on employers and workers to tackle work-related stress together


15 Apr 2014 1:43PM

Lee Calver Last week, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) launched a two year Europe-wide campaign: ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress’. Stating that the prevalence of work-relat...

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Five common mistakes HR managers make when keeping employee data secure


15 Apr 2014 9:31AM

Mike Williams Storing and accessing employee data is essential to the smooth running of a HR department; however sensitive information is sometimes treated recklessly. The line between keeping this data safe and...

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Key changes to employment legislation now in force


8 Apr 2014 9:54AM

Lee Calver In April and October each year, the Government brings into force legislation on what is known as a Common Commencement Date. As of 6 April 2014, employers need to be aware of a whole host of import...

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