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Obesity - the new disability?

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30 Jul 2014 9:43AM

Suzanne McMinn Talk about a minefield of upset and litigious opportunity, the new one up for consideration is whether or not obesity should be covered under the disability protection. The debate which has sparked both medical and legal opinions is surrounding the European Court of Justice case, brought by Mr Kaltoft, a Danish child minder who was dismissed by his local authority. What the case surely has to be concerned with is whether obesity should be classed as a disability. Currently, the UK legislation afforded by the Equality Act has some clear guidance as to whether an individual has a disability...

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All in a week's work for the HSE!


29 Jul 2014 12:30PM

Lee Calver Not many weeks pass without the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) releasing new research or detailing a recent prosecution, but last week was possibly the busiest for the HSE in a long time. First up, it revealed the results of its national targeted inspection which focused on health risks for construction workers. During a two-week period of proactive inspections, the HSE demanded improvements and in cases where sites fell short of expected standards, put an immediate stop to work activities. HSE revealed that its Inspectors focused on significant health risk issues, such as respiratory...

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Ten top tips to ensure the safety of employees during the summer months


22 Jul 2014 9:40AM

Kelly Mansfield School holidays are here, and the hot weather has everyone talking. The traditional summer silly season is upon us, but while we remain in the workplace, the hot weather does raise safety and wellness issues to consider, and highlights actions that need to be taken. Whether your staff are based indoors or outdoors, as an employer you will need to address various matters in order to ensure your employees remain safe, happy and productive. What the law says The laws covering summer weather issues are few and far between and not very specific, but there are some key points raised by health a...

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